Cosplay Birth : 2006

Anecdotes: ECG group winner 2015, CCCC winner 2017

Iconic characters: Elsa, Snow White, Ariel, Merida, Odette

Expertise: Sewing, Directing, Group managing, Project Director

Role in the show: Belle Village

Workshop: Topic to be confirmed


Cosplay Birth : 2016

Anecdotes: CCCC representative 2019, Former Disney Face Character

Iconic characters: Peter Pan, Prince Phillip, Naruto, Prince Adam, Prince Eric

Expertise: Dancing, Choreography, Acting, Directing

Role in the show: Prince Adam/Beast

Workshop: Topic to be confirmed


Cosplay Birth : 2014

Anecdotes: ECG Solo winner 2019, CCCC representative 2017 and 2019

Iconic characters: Doctor Strange, Noctis, Ezio, Sasuke, Little Finger

Expertise: Prop making, Armor making, 3D printing, Leather work

Role in the show: Gaston

Workshop: Topic to be confirmed

Lily on the Moon

Cosplay Birth : 2009

Anecdotes: Professional Make up Artist, creator of «Just Cosplay Thing» (youtube)

Iconic characters: Rapunzel, Anna, Ariel, Sabrina, Daenerys

Expertise: Make up, Social Media, Painting, Modelling

Role in the show: Fifi Featherduster

Workshop: Topic to be confirmed


Cosplay Birth : 2007

Anecdotes: ECG group winner 2019, Global Easter winner 2019

Iconic characters: Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Belle, Jessica Rabbit, Satine

Expertise: Sewing, Corset making, Modelling, Embrodery

Role in the show: Belle Ballgown

Workshop: Topic to be confirmed